OMRI Certificates
• OMRI Listed® True 2.5-2-2.5
• OMRI Listed® True 4-4-2
• OMRI Listed® True 6-3-2
• OMRI Listed® True 7-1-7
• OMRI Listed® True 7.5-5-7.5
• OMRI Listed® True 8-1-1
• OMRI Listed® True 8-5-1
• OMRI Listed® True 10-5-2
• OMRI Listed® True 12-0-0
• OMRI Listed® True 12-3-0
• OMRI Listed® True 13-0-0
• OMRI Listed® True 208
• OMRI Listed® True 315
• OMRI Listed® True 402
• OMRI Listed® True 413
• OMRI Listed® True Bio-Blend
WSDA Certificates
• WSDA Renewal 2016 full list
MEXICO Certificates
• True 4-4-2
• True 7-1-7
• True 7.5-5-7.5
• True 8-1-1
• True 8-5-1
• True 402
• True 511
• True 10-5-2
• True 12-0-0
• True 315

We specialize in one thing: organic fertilizer. Dry, liquid or custom blend, our fertilizers are designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Lab tested human or plant pathogen free, TOP works long after it's applied to help plants thrive.

For better and brighter colored plants, for tastier fruits and vegetables and for faster growth, you can’t find a better fertilizer.

Dry Pelleted Fertilizer
With the most diverse line of N-P-K pelleted organic fertilizers on the market, TOP will have a product to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for fertilizers containing only protein meals or a blend with the benefits of poultry manure, all of our fertilizers have consistently yeilded proven results. With pellet sizing ranging from 3/16 to 1/4 inch, our pellet can be applied through most conventional applicators or spreaders. TOP is committed to delivering the highest quality, most consistent pelleted fertilizer with each and every order.

Liquid Fertilizer
Whether you need nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, TOP has a liquid fertilizer designed to meet your needs. Our complete line of liquid fertilizers provide immediately available nutrients with the ease of liquid application. All of our liquids have been triple filtered through 200 mesh screens to ensure easy application.

TOP's propriety liquid blends all feature the proven benefits of fish with many containing a strong carbon source from molasses. The combination has yeilded instant results in various applications. TOP is committed to providing the best liquid organic fertilizers to our growers.

Custom Blend Fertilizer
We can provide any custom blend a grower requires, from liquid fish to feather meal, blood meal or bone meal. The sky’s the limit on custom blends we can create.

Please contact your local sales profession for information on any of our other products and additional documentation needs.


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