Organic Farming

Organic Farming - Why Organic?

Increased consumer awareness of food safety and environmental concerns is the driving force behind the explosive growth in organic farming over the last few years.

Unlike chemical products, organic fertilizers encourage the soil’s growth of micro-organisms, which break down old plant material and convert nutrients into food. Over time, your soil becomes healthier and more fertile. Your plants grow hardy and robust.

Synthetic chemical fertilizers contain poisons, pollute water, destroy microbes in the soil, lose half their value due to runoff, burn roots, require constant watering, contain less micro-nutrition and are heavily laden with salt.

In its 2012 manufacturer survey, The Organic Trade Association reported that the the U.S. organic industry grew by 9.5 percent overall in 2011 to reach $31.5 billion in sales, driven by consumer choice.

According to Christine Bushway, OTA's Executive Director and CEO, "the consumers are increasingly engaged and discerning when they shop, making decisions based on their values and awareness about health and environmental concerns. For them, it matters whether foods are genetically engineered, or produced using practices that are good for their families. Price is still an issue, but with the wide availability of private label products and many venues for organic products, they have many choices for where to shop and a variety of products from which to choose."

"With 94 percent of organic operations nationwide planning to maintain or increase employment in 2012, the organic sector will continue to fuel jobs, rural economies and consumer choice," said Bushway.

The choice is clear – organic is better!



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